Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Apologies, Announcements and Awesomeness!

Wow. We sped out of last year's pop season like a bat out of hell! No goodbyes or thankyous...not even a kiss on the cheek to all of our lovely customers.

We're sorry. Truly, we are. There was no excuse for acting so rude. Not even the fact that we were stoked about making a comeback in '09 with a new and improved, copywrite-infringement-free name: people's pops. Or we could've been daydreaming about bumping around in a sweetly-pimped out ice-pop van to the Brooklyn Flea and another undisclosed (soon-to-be-announced!!!) market every week instead of every-other week (w00t!!!). And those new-fangled ideas involving a bizarrely awesomely Thai ice-pop-maker straight from Bangkok (soon-to-be-announced!!!) serving some ultra-dope new flavors. And that our long-lost 3rd buddy in crime Nathalie Jordi, will be around 24/7/365!?!

All the excitement made us jerks. Will you take us back?

joel, david & nathalie