Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daily Candy Does Us!

Well, it seems Daily Candy digs our pops! The people's pops was their featured story on yesterdays e-mail blast...and we're absolutely thrilled!

While we've been inundated with a bunch of supportive e-mails, questions, cat-calls, propositions & favors, we'll be sure to keep our pops & ice as right as rain for our next showing at the Brooklyn Flea on September 7th! (We're taking this weekend off to take advantage of a few of those much needed "favors".)

Check back with us next week about our menu for the 7th!

Oh, and big ups to Eric Demby at the Brooklyn Flea for keeping it real!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Last Days Of Peach?

The peaches are still keen, but not for long. We think we've the best batch of peach, chamomile & honey yet for this coming Sunday, the 24th of August's Brooklyn Flea . Get 'em while their hot. Err, cold. Also, we've been running out of Watermelon, Cucumber & Hyssop pretty quickly lately, so we're going to bring the reserves in this week.

Our friends at Bergen Farms saved us a special basket of the juiciest blueberries we've tasted this summer so after blueberry & cardamons brief hiatus from shave ice, it'll be back with passionate fervor this week!

Check it out: Alexis at the Itis, called us hams!

And we're "laid back", according to Chris L. on Yelp!

u - August 24th

Peach, Chamomile & Honey
Sugar Plum & Mint
Watermelon Cucumber

Shave Ice:
Blueberry & Cardamon
Lemon & Basil

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Get Some: Sugar Plum & Mint Pops!

So, peaches are still the sh*t. No question. But we thought we'd add a little fuel to the fire with a tart, sweet & minty batch of sugar plum & mint ice pops!
These cold little mouth-rockets kick 90 degree summer days in the rear end. And 95% of doctors agree with us 132% of the time. Trust us.

It's true.

See you at the Brooklyn Flea this coming Sunday the 10th of August!

MENU - August 10th


Sugar Plum & Mint

Peach, Chamomile & Honey

Watermelon, Cucumber & Hyssop

Shave Ice:
Lemon & Basil