Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Last Days Of Peach?

The peaches are still keen, but not for long. We think we've the best batch of peach, chamomile & honey yet for this coming Sunday, the 24th of August's Brooklyn Flea . Get 'em while their hot. Err, cold. Also, we've been running out of Watermelon, Cucumber & Hyssop pretty quickly lately, so we're going to bring the reserves in this week.

Our friends at Bergen Farms saved us a special basket of the juiciest blueberries we've tasted this summer so after blueberry & cardamons brief hiatus from shave ice, it'll be back with passionate fervor this week!

Check it out: Alexis at the Itis, called us hams!

And we're "laid back", according to Chris L. on Yelp!

u - August 24th

Peach, Chamomile & Honey
Sugar Plum & Mint
Watermelon Cucumber

Shave Ice:
Blueberry & Cardamon
Lemon & Basil

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