Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays, Ya'll!

Thanks for a fantastic 2009! Can't wait to see you in '10...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

See you next year!!

Thanks for a great season, y'all.

Even Martha couldn't keep her hands off a pop last weekend!

We are taking a month off to refuel and then getting our heads together to plan Ice Pop World Domination 2010. Anyone with a brain for business is welcome to contact us, we could use it.

Thanks so much for your support this year, we couldn't have done it without you.

In love and pops,
Joel, David, Nathalie

Friday, September 25, 2009

2009: A Retrospective

We think this may be our last weekend on the market for 2009. Which is why I should be sleeping instead of still up at 3 a.m., nostalgic, posting pictures. For your visual enjoyment, here's a rollback on the summer.

That's me.


Test batch in the home kitchen.

Daryl, the official taste buds of the people's pops, pronounces on an early batch.

The day that the boys introduced me to the van they'd sunk our savings into, it broke down.

Perhaps that was why, despite the obvious effort the boys put into their appearance (dressed up as twins, mailmen), Chase only extended our new business a $500 credit limit, which still hasn't budged.

Joel putting final touches on the pop stick (see below).

And the boy knows his way around a jig saw.

Nathalie is less hi-tech.

Site of one executive board meeting. Why yes, it is July, and cold, and grey. Welcome to summer 2009.

Shaving ice all summer has turned our right arms into, like, twice the size of our left arms.

This guy came back three times! Almost as cool as the war veteran.

Fierce sunburn in the making.

No this is not a Zamboni cleaning the ice after disco night at the local rink.

Love in the van. And, for some reason, money.

The best-looking customers we served all year.

Flashback to 2008!!

So much about this picture is wrong. Or right. No, wrong.


Dave, eating 2 pops at once.

This chick gets free pops for life!!

Seriously--our hero!!!

Kids manage to turn dark-colored pops into a crime scene. This turned into carnage about 30 seconds after this picture was taken. Poor kid looked like he'd been savaged by a wolf.

This lil' lady sure knows how to accentuate her watermelon shave ice.

Another one with a promising future in accessorizing.

Never quite got a satisfying answer to this question. But not a week goes by without someone asking for a cornsicle. Still not sure how to interpret that.

Finally, a lovely message from Joel's lovely mama, Barbara.

Catch us one last time at the Brooklyn Flea in Ft. Greene on Saturday and DUMBO on Sunday, weather permitting.

We'll be taking:

--blackberries & cream
--cantaloupe & basil


watermelon shave ice!

If you've been meaning to get pops delivered to your home or office this season but haven't gotten around to ordering, it's not too us quickly before stock runs out!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Howdy, Daily News'ers!

Big thanks to Margarida Correia for the pleasant article about us in today's Daily News. She was kind enough to find us at the Brooklyn Flea, try one of our pops, then interview us in a friends donated back yard: mind you, Joel had no voice and Nathalie was answering questions via telephone from Copenhagen – but that's how we roll.

And thanks for stopping by our stands this past weekend at the Brooklyn Flea's, NYC'ers! While our pop-season is slowing down, we're steal a few more fire-sale days from Mother Nature. So keep checking in for our next appearance & flavors!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We've come a long way, baby!

So Sunday is the 2009 incarnation of the New Amsterdam market, which our most ancient fans (hi, mom!) will remember as the explosive birth of the People's Pops. Like all births, it was both excruciating and triumphant. But the pain outweighed the pleasure just enough for us to follow through and turn it into a business, and to everyone's surprise, but especially our own, WE HAVE!!

Not bad for a gander that was just supposed to be a one-day social experiment.

So join us this Sunday Sept 13 at the Fulton Fish Market from 11-4 to celebrate the brilliant future of New Amsterdam.

And pops.

I'm feeling nostalgic, so here's a little taste of last year at the New Amsterdam. That seems like it happened about 10 years ago!

From the first batch of pops ever. Rhubarb burns so goddamn easily.

In awe of our creations!

Why the hell would they have frozen that way? And can we pretend it happened on purpose?

More importantly, how do they taste?

Well, people seem interested, at any rate.

Oh, Lucy. We miss you, girl.

I don't know if you can see it, but that horizontal sign says "Lap Dances by Dave, $5." I still wonder whether that's the direction the business should have taken.

We'll also be at the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday and Sunday, except that on Sunday, exceptionally, the Flea will happen under the Manhattan Bridge rather than under the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you come, say hi to Steve, our colleague in pops, who's coming all the way up from Athens, Georgia to spend time with us this weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Where’s my F$@#ing Cantaloupe & Tarragon pop?1!?

Look we’ve all feeling a little overworked and underappreciated this summer. Ca$h Money Chamillionaire Warren Buffett describes this as an economic Pearl Harbor. December 2007 to today, will be hundreds of days that will all live in equal amounts of infamy. But in these tough economic times a sleeping giant has been awoken: people’s pops.

You may be wondering to yourself, your coworkers, friends, frenemies, and the World Wide Web: Where’s my f&*@ing Peach, Organic Yogurt & Honey pop?!!?!11

Well the boys down in research have come up with an answer to your question in the form of a map (the red dot indicates where you can find us):

Being the hard workers that we are, we took this map over to the boys at the crime lab and asked them to enhance image. They just weren’t getting it so we had to keep asking them to enhance image, and enhance image. Finally we got an adequately enhanced image:

A. Sundays at the Brooklyn Bridge Flea in DUMBO
B. Saturdays at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene
C. Monday – Sunday rain or shine at Stinky bklyn

So be sure to check us out at the markets this weekend or at Stinky’s anytime for a sexy selection of pops including:
  • Roasted Apricot, Blueberries, & Tarragon
  • Watermelon, Lemon Verbena, & Spearmint
  • Nectarine, Blackberry, & Chamomile
  • Cantaloupe & Tarragon
  • Watermelon & Spearmint
  • Roasted Sugar Plum
  • Watermelon & Basil

And Shave-Ice:

  • Lemon basil
  • Watermelon & Lemon Verbena

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Van Trauma Makes Us Better Lovers

We once read that it's the difficult times that make life sweeter. So, when our van broke down on the way to the BK Flea last weekend it was tear-inducing, especially since we canceled the day before due to Hurricane Bill hanging around us like a roving drunk maniac, button-fly undone and all.

In any case, our van is a bit better (after David spooned it Monday night), and our pops are…well…they're really damn tasty this week.

Also, be sure to stop by Stinky bklyn starting today as they are now carrying a fantastic selection of people's pops flavors!!!

And please, pretty-please administer Nathalie a jet-lag-busting high-five, Top Gun-style.

Watermelon & Sweet Basil
Cantaloupe & Tarragon
Yellow Peach, Organic Yogurt & Honey
Lemon & Basil
Watermelon & Mint
Blackberry & Chamomile *1-day only!*

Friday, August 14, 2009

Elope With Cantaloupe and Lavender Holyfield

We've come across a very strange, very interesting song thanks to our friend Chris over at shopbop. Let's be clear though: toes never come into contact with our pops. That is, unless you buy one from us, then take it onto the subway and do whatever freaky fetish you're into. We don't even think the two should ever really be referenced in the same sentence together. Who'd actually want pop toes? Especially if they looked like our blackberry cantaloupe?

Hmm. The more we think about it, the more we agree this post is a tad foul. Kindly disregard it.

Le Menu
August 15th, Brooklyn Flea Fort Greene,
August 16th, Brooklyn Flea DUMBO
Sweet Blackberry & Cantaloupe
Roasted Apricot & Lavender Holyfield
Crazy-Ass Sweet-Cream-Corn & Blackberry

Shave Ice
Organic Lemon & Ginger
Peach & Mint


Friday, August 7, 2009

Waterpopsi Melonsicles and Provence on a Stick

So it's TOTALLY SUMMER. That's what watermelons mean to me, and this week, we've finally got 'em. After the financial nightmare of combining blackberries, Ronnybrook organic yogurt and local honey into one pop that we nonetheless had to sell for $3.50, it's a relief.

We've mixed the watermelon with mint and, not gonna lie, were tempted to dribble in a fifth of vodka. Managed to restrain ourselves though. However, don't let us keep you from packing a flask. If you come by the Brooklyn Flea, remember, sharing is caring. We'll provide the ice.

In other news, the second new flavor this week, roasted apricot and lavender, is officially the most delicious flavor of the year, or maybe I'm just delighted that I finally used lavender in something that didn't end up tasting soapy.

When my sister turned 20 five years ago, I woke her up with cheesecake I'd "artsily" [misguidedly] infused with lavender. She's smiling. She wasn't once she tasted it. If I remember correctly, she spat the first bite out.

We had to pit apricots this week, but after the sour cherry "pitsicle" debacle, followed by our discovery last week, after multiple hours of halving sugar plums, that it's actually much easier NOT to halve plums before pitting them, we finally got it right this week. Witness how our feelings of defeat and stupidity have segued into smugness and superiority.

Gershon, looking smug and superior.

Joel, looking smug and superior.

David, looking smug and superior.

Nathalie, looking smug, and also like a freak.

Not to worry, hubris-watchers, I'm sure the Greenmarket gods will smite us with some incontrovertible cabala next week.

An incontrovertible cabala.

Anyway, popsifans, here's the layout for the weekend.

Menu - Aug 8th (Ft. Greene Brooklyn Flea) & Aug 9th (DUMBO Brooklyn Flea)

  • Watermelon & Mint ("The Sandra Dee")
  • Roasted Apricot & Lavender ("The Brigitte Bardot")
  • Sour Cherry & Yellow Plum ("Screech from 90210") UPDATE FROM DAVID & JOEL: Really Nathalie? Screech is from 90210?? GO GET YOUR F@&%ING SHINE BOX!!!

Shave ice-
  • Watermelon & Mint
  • Organic Lemon & Ginger

Your only chance to look as cute as these ladies is at the Flea.
See you Saturday in Ft. Greene and Sunday in DUMBO!!