Friday, August 7, 2009

Waterpopsi Melonsicles and Provence on a Stick

So it's TOTALLY SUMMER. That's what watermelons mean to me, and this week, we've finally got 'em. After the financial nightmare of combining blackberries, Ronnybrook organic yogurt and local honey into one pop that we nonetheless had to sell for $3.50, it's a relief.

We've mixed the watermelon with mint and, not gonna lie, were tempted to dribble in a fifth of vodka. Managed to restrain ourselves though. However, don't let us keep you from packing a flask. If you come by the Brooklyn Flea, remember, sharing is caring. We'll provide the ice.

In other news, the second new flavor this week, roasted apricot and lavender, is officially the most delicious flavor of the year, or maybe I'm just delighted that I finally used lavender in something that didn't end up tasting soapy.

When my sister turned 20 five years ago, I woke her up with cheesecake I'd "artsily" [misguidedly] infused with lavender. She's smiling. She wasn't once she tasted it. If I remember correctly, she spat the first bite out.

We had to pit apricots this week, but after the sour cherry "pitsicle" debacle, followed by our discovery last week, after multiple hours of halving sugar plums, that it's actually much easier NOT to halve plums before pitting them, we finally got it right this week. Witness how our feelings of defeat and stupidity have segued into smugness and superiority.

Gershon, looking smug and superior.

Joel, looking smug and superior.

David, looking smug and superior.

Nathalie, looking smug, and also like a freak.

Not to worry, hubris-watchers, I'm sure the Greenmarket gods will smite us with some incontrovertible cabala next week.

An incontrovertible cabala.

Anyway, popsifans, here's the layout for the weekend.

Menu - Aug 8th (Ft. Greene Brooklyn Flea) & Aug 9th (DUMBO Brooklyn Flea)

  • Watermelon & Mint ("The Sandra Dee")
  • Roasted Apricot & Lavender ("The Brigitte Bardot")
  • Sour Cherry & Yellow Plum ("Screech from 90210") UPDATE FROM DAVID & JOEL: Really Nathalie? Screech is from 90210?? GO GET YOUR F@&%ING SHINE BOX!!!

Shave ice-
  • Watermelon & Mint
  • Organic Lemon & Ginger

Your only chance to look as cute as these ladies is at the Flea.
See you Saturday in Ft. Greene and Sunday in DUMBO!!


me said...

Ok, so I'm not normally this anal, but "Schreech" is from Saved by the Bell, not 90210...

nathalie said...

Thank you, cleaver mama. My egregious error was discovered by David at 7 am on the way to the Brooklyn Flea Saturday morning, and I was appropriately chewed out. --Nathalie.

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