Friday, August 14, 2009

Elope With Cantaloupe and Lavender Holyfield

We've come across a very strange, very interesting song thanks to our friend Chris over at shopbop. Let's be clear though: toes never come into contact with our pops. That is, unless you buy one from us, then take it onto the subway and do whatever freaky fetish you're into. We don't even think the two should ever really be referenced in the same sentence together. Who'd actually want pop toes? Especially if they looked like our blackberry cantaloupe?

Hmm. The more we think about it, the more we agree this post is a tad foul. Kindly disregard it.

Le Menu
August 15th, Brooklyn Flea Fort Greene,
August 16th, Brooklyn Flea DUMBO
Sweet Blackberry & Cantaloupe
Roasted Apricot & Lavender Holyfield
Crazy-Ass Sweet-Cream-Corn & Blackberry

Shave Ice
Organic Lemon & Ginger
Peach & Mint



Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Actually, Popsicle Toes is a charming, quirky love song about a girlfriend with cold feet. But you're right, I don't want toes touching my popsicles. Thanks for reminding me of the song, though.

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