Friday, September 4, 2009

Where’s my F$@#ing Cantaloupe & Tarragon pop?1!?

Look we’ve all feeling a little overworked and underappreciated this summer. Ca$h Money Chamillionaire Warren Buffett describes this as an economic Pearl Harbor. December 2007 to today, will be hundreds of days that will all live in equal amounts of infamy. But in these tough economic times a sleeping giant has been awoken: people’s pops.

You may be wondering to yourself, your coworkers, friends, frenemies, and the World Wide Web: Where’s my f&*@ing Peach, Organic Yogurt & Honey pop?!!?!11

Well the boys down in research have come up with an answer to your question in the form of a map (the red dot indicates where you can find us):

Being the hard workers that we are, we took this map over to the boys at the crime lab and asked them to enhance image. They just weren’t getting it so we had to keep asking them to enhance image, and enhance image. Finally we got an adequately enhanced image:

A. Sundays at the Brooklyn Bridge Flea in DUMBO
B. Saturdays at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene
C. Monday – Sunday rain or shine at Stinky bklyn

So be sure to check us out at the markets this weekend or at Stinky’s anytime for a sexy selection of pops including:
  • Roasted Apricot, Blueberries, & Tarragon
  • Watermelon, Lemon Verbena, & Spearmint
  • Nectarine, Blackberry, & Chamomile
  • Cantaloupe & Tarragon
  • Watermelon & Spearmint
  • Roasted Sugar Plum
  • Watermelon & Basil

And Shave-Ice:

  • Lemon basil
  • Watermelon & Lemon Verbena

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