Friday, September 25, 2009

2009: A Retrospective

We think this may be our last weekend on the market for 2009. Which is why I should be sleeping instead of still up at 3 a.m., nostalgic, posting pictures. For your visual enjoyment, here's a rollback on the summer.

That's me.


Test batch in the home kitchen.

Daryl, the official taste buds of the people's pops, pronounces on an early batch.

The day that the boys introduced me to the van they'd sunk our savings into, it broke down.

Perhaps that was why, despite the obvious effort the boys put into their appearance (dressed up as twins, mailmen), Chase only extended our new business a $500 credit limit, which still hasn't budged.

Joel putting final touches on the pop stick (see below).

And the boy knows his way around a jig saw.

Nathalie is less hi-tech.

Site of one executive board meeting. Why yes, it is July, and cold, and grey. Welcome to summer 2009.

Shaving ice all summer has turned our right arms into, like, twice the size of our left arms.

This guy came back three times! Almost as cool as the war veteran.

Fierce sunburn in the making.

No this is not a Zamboni cleaning the ice after disco night at the local rink.

Love in the van. And, for some reason, money.

The best-looking customers we served all year.

Flashback to 2008!!

So much about this picture is wrong. Or right. No, wrong.


Dave, eating 2 pops at once.

This chick gets free pops for life!!

Seriously--our hero!!!

Kids manage to turn dark-colored pops into a crime scene. This turned into carnage about 30 seconds after this picture was taken. Poor kid looked like he'd been savaged by a wolf.

This lil' lady sure knows how to accentuate her watermelon shave ice.

Another one with a promising future in accessorizing.

Never quite got a satisfying answer to this question. But not a week goes by without someone asking for a cornsicle. Still not sure how to interpret that.

Finally, a lovely message from Joel's lovely mama, Barbara.

Catch us one last time at the Brooklyn Flea in Ft. Greene on Saturday and DUMBO on Sunday, weather permitting.

We'll be taking:

--blackberries & cream
--cantaloupe & basil


watermelon shave ice!

If you've been meaning to get pops delivered to your home or office this season but haven't gotten around to ordering, it's not too us quickly before stock runs out!

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