Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where Being Local Screws Us

we did not take this picture

So, the days are getting warmer and we're getting hot to trot, hungry to sell pops. Too bad the strawberries are still white on the bush and cherries yellow-orange. We were thinking we'd probably get to market in June, early in June if the weather indulged us. But dangit, June is far away and we are BROKE ASS M***********! And then we realized with a start--why not rhubarb??

so we're thinking, maybe rhubarb and ginger, that's a classic, or rhubarb and star anise or possibly chamomile. Rhubarb and champagne? Rhubarb and cream! And of course, rhubarb and strawberries.

coming soon to brooklyn flea! in the meantime, anybody got any van detailing experience? we are thinking our van needs an A-Team style stripe.

we didn't take this one either


Maisie said...

You guys should come up with a local-friendly alternative for the days like today when you're waiting to harvest. Why don't you find some grandma who canned stuff last summer and use that now?! I can't wait to hear about your new flavors...I was inspired by your mission and made prosecco pops--flat prosecco, simple syrup and chunks of fruit. Not bad! Tangy. Refreshing. I am too broke for popsicle molds and instead used an ice cube tray. So then I poured black cherry soda over it..delish.

Neil said...

Truffle shuffle a team and goonies in one pic nice