Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Celebrity Twins, According to Mike at United

For going on three summers now, we've had an early morning date every Saturday and Sunday with Mike, our dry ice supplier.

Mike has seen the three of us in all kinds of guises: ebullient, downcast, tired, hungover, fired-up, chipper, and most frequently, still a little drunk. His mien is always constant: a sort of Godfather-esque, strictly-business gruffness that melts into a rusty sort of charm when we show up.

Among his many quirks: he thinks Joel looks like Jeff Goldblum, Dave looks like Quentin Tarantino, and that I look like Helen Hunt.

Is he wrong? Not really. Especially when it comes to Joel.

Joel, admit it already!

Don't worry, we all think you are much handsomer than Jeff Goldblum!!

He's started making our receipts out to our doppelgängers, which makes me stupidly happy.

Hey, don't judge. Y'all get to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We gotta get our kicks somewhere.

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