Friday, June 4, 2010

We're in Whole Foods!!

Okay, truth: we're in one Whole Foods (in the gelato case of the one on 97th and Columbus).

But still!

It may have taken three years, but we finally feel like this:

Flavors this week:
  • Rhubarb & Mint
  • Strawberry - Basil
  • Plum & Sour Cherry
Joel will be in the shop doing a little demo tomorrow from 4-8 pm. Upper West popsi-fans, go in and high-five him! He will be wearing Hammer pants!!



Bria said...

Hey there! My boss brought some of your pops to work, and they are too legit to quit. I'm in LOVE with the plum-sour cherry flavor, and plan to buy my own stash of them to feature on my blog,

They're perfect on so many levels: excellent flavor combos, not too sweet, beautiful, fresh colors.

Seriously, congrats on getting into the WF. Excellent work :-) I'm sure many more stores will see the light and pick you guys up soon.

Unknown said...

You made it to Edgewater, NJ Whole Foods in no time!!


shane said...

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