Wednesday, December 22, 2010

People's Pops Parties in Geneva

In November, Red Jacket Orchards, our favorite fruit supplier, invited us up to the farm in Geneva, New York, for a post-season party. When we got there, they wasted no time in stuffing us with booze and casserole, so much so that we pretty much entirely forgot to take commemorative photos of the experience. We dimly remember a nighttime orchard tour, a sauna right off the dining room, a hot tub with a splendid view of lake Geneva, and a very contrary vending machine in the Ramada Hotel.

Many thanks to our benevolent hosts Joe Nicholson (a 2010 Jordi Top 10 Recipient!), Mike Biltonen, Justone Bossert, Adam Gordon and Wen-Jay Ying for an extremely fabulous time.

as David says: nothing makes you smile like fruit fresh off the tree

Joel, Mike and Adam

cool pattern the forklift made in the snow

we are so psyched!!

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