Saturday, October 8, 2011

Season ends soon!

And now, a little poetic interlude....

Summertime came and went
But thanks for all the times well spent!
Unfortunately our time is almost through
Making our delicious ICE POPS for you!
So stock up now, while you still can
Before everything's packed away in our People's Pops van....

The fabulous Christine wrote this poem to commemorate the end of our *fourth* season, which mostly ends Oct 15, although we'll stay open in Chelsea Market until Halloween.

We're sad to go. This summer's been amazing! Our business doubled, our shops tripled, our staff quadrupled. Nathalie's toenail, which turned black from where she dropped an ice block on it in May, has finally grown back to normal. Time flies when you're having fun! Through it all, we kept our eyes on the prize: delicious pops, busy shops, great service, good times.

Who made the times so good? The troopers listed below, our 2011 crack team of perpetually smiling, very sexy, strong-as-oxen ice mongers. I present you:

Rue Snider Meghan Sebold Jack O'Brien
Charlie Stopek Charlie Smith Christine Wang
Malcolm Barrett Sharlena Powell Ben Silbert
Clyde Loving-Cortes Gasky Joseph Jaymie O'Brien
Danelle Snider Katie Traynor Michael Caglione
Kaitlin Winter Justin Manley Brian Austin
Darren Fiorello Eamonn McMahon Marilyn Stout

I wish I had a group photo from our midsummer party to post here, but I drank too much to remember to take one. Maybe it's best left undocumented.

But hark! It's a miraculous 80 degrees in New York as I write this (October 8), ideal ice-pop temperature. So why are you reading this? Go out and eat some pops while you still can!


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I would like to travel somewhere for Christmas and NYE where I can enjoy a white Christmas, skiing, Christmas villages near mountains etc.


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