Saturday, July 10, 2010

Open Letter To The Worst Bank In The Known Universe

Dear Chase,



Ever since we opened our business bank account with you (see the hopefulness in our eyes on that very first day), you've done nothing but TREAT US LIKE SHIT.

We have no debt and impeccable personal credit. You started us on $500 worth of credit (for a BUSINESS!--my Amex gives me $10,000), citing our youth and inexperience. Since then, we have been good, responsible, solvent customers who pay bills on time and deposit money regularly. (Also, we are older!)

Every time we ask for more credit, you turn us down. We STILL have only $500 of credit.

You’ve turned down every loan for which we’ve ever applied, and as well as every line of credit (including one through the so-called Small Business Association).

You charge us for withdrawing change (hello, we run a retail shop).

Most egregiously, you ALSO charge us every time we DEPOSIT over $10,000 a month. Yes, Chase Bank, YOU MAKE US PAY TO GIVE YOU MONEY.

This month,
you charged us $60 just to withdraw and deposit money.

Your customer service is also appalling. Your employees don’t know your own rules and your managers can’t explain them.

Let me sum this up here. We are a successful, growing, three-year-old business with $500 worth of credit that gets charged to deposit money.

Thanks for ^%$&% NOTHING!

Nathalie, David and Joel

p.s. See you at HSBC.


dmw312 said...

You are absolutely and completely correct!!! I cannot stand Chase bank...same problems, different city. The only consistency they honor is terrible business everywhere.

Ellen said...

Ugh, this is upsetting. I am looking to change my bank and was considering Chase (for a personal account, not for business) because I didn't like HSBC anymore or TD Bank. Shouldn't the banks be competing to provide the best service, not the worst?

Sabrina Veksler said...

Chase is miserable. Kudos to you for calling them out.

Liz Snyder-Liles said...

Credit union, credit union, credit union!!!

Bobby Dulan said...

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