Thursday, July 29, 2010

People's Pops on the High Line!

Ladies and gentlemen, today's lesson: dreams do come true.

The first time I was ever on the High Line, the beautiful, re-purposed elevated railway-turned-greenway that runs up the west side of Chelsea, all I could think about was how much better-looking and happier everyone on the High Line would be if they were licking ice pops.

I can't help it, I think that way sometimes.

Ever since that first brilliant vision, we have been harassing the nice folks at the High Line to give us a chance to prove ourselves right, and they have finally done so. We are up there for 29 days (until Aug 20), from 12-9:30pm, and as it turns out, my surmise was correct. Everyone on the High Line armed with a pop or shave is better-looking, happier, or both.

My pictures aren't super good, so go and check it out for yourself! Sundown with a yellow plum & mint makes the quotidian a celebration.


Unknown said...

My husband and I had the "distinct" pleasure of meeting David and Joel on our recent visit to NYC - very sorry we missed Natalie! Also met the staff - found Rue particularly awesome (hahaha). These young entrepreneurs are going to have a fantastic future. Their work ethic is amazing - their "Product" is unbelievably appealing and delicious. I am in awe of their schedule and dedication to bringing the best "Pops" possible to their growing customer base. We wish them MUCH success and look forward to having them expand to Pennsylvania! It has always been my philosophy that if you do your part - the results will follow. CLEARLY, Joel, David, and Natilie are stepping up to the plate and doing everything in their power to produce a Quality product and always put their customers first - in 100+ degree heat - I applaud their tenacity and consistent Good Humor. Your tee shirts now have a presence in Butler, Pittsburgh, and Boston. Our very best to you. ...m & r

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