Monday, August 23, 2010

People's Pops and Red Jacket Orchards, Sitting In A Tree

If you pinned the fruit season to a mathematical curve, this might be kind of what it would look like. For most of the year, there's zilch--and then all of a sudden, le deluge.

People's Pops to the rescue!! We've teamed up with the heroes at Red Jacket Orchards, our favorite farmers at the NYC Greenmarket, to offer a collaboration that solves this oversupply issue, just in time for the height of summer. Here's how it goes:
  1. Red Jacket sells us whatever fruit is at the absolute peak of its abundant season.
  2. The diligent elves at People's Pops turn the fruit into ice pops (peach-basil, plum-blueberry).
  3. Red Jacket takes the pops to the Greenmarket.
  4. New Yorkers everywhere are seized by an exquisite happiness they can't quite identify the source of...
  5. ...until they walk through the Greenmarket and see the SWEET-ASS UMBRELLA shading the lucky pop vendor at the Red Jacket Orchards stands (our elves are jealous).
From now until the fruit runs out, find Red Jacket Orchards' People's Pops at the following Greenmarkets:

Monday: Union Square
Tuesday: Borough Hall
Wednesday: Union Square
Thursday: Bowling Green
Friday: Union Square
Saturday: McCarren Park
Sunday: Midwood.

Is this a marriage made in heaven, or what??

We think so.

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