Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Freezer Diorama Fantasies Do Come True

Two years after Nat wrote about her freezer diorama fantasy, Leila took it upon herself to transform the people's pops Chelsea Market freezer into a bucolic beach scene entirely made out of ice pop ingredients.  Note the pop-stick lifeguard chair.  The beach towels made out of napkins.  The beach umbrella made out of business cards.  The beach chair made out of shave ice spoons.

Truly the mark of artistic genius!

Thanks Leila, and everyone else who made this year so incredible.  Dear customers, you still have until Oct 31 to find our pops at Chelsea Market; after that, visit our wholesale customers for your fix.

See you next year!!

Nat, Dave & Joel


Unknown said...

m huge fan of your pops for so long. These are a cheap alternative for summer when everyone wants a cold treat. Superior flavor and size than the Fla-Vor-Ice case.

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