Monday, October 21, 2013

pumpkin pie pops & The High Line

It's that time of year again:  pumpkin pie pops!  You have until October 28th to make your way over to our High Line shop and taste for yourself.

In the mean time, check out the behind-the-scenes of these delicious pops courtesy of The High Line Blog here, or check out the e-mail we woke up to this morning.  Thanks Lorie, this is seriously what keeps us going:

From: Lorie
Date: October 20, 2013
Subject: Pumpkin Pie People's Pops

Earlier in the week there was a High Line post in my FB feed about the
Pumpkin Pie Pop. My mom and I walk on the High Line almost every week
and I told her about it. We decided we were definitely going to try a
Pumpkin Pie Pop this weekend. It sounded a bit strange but I've had
other combos that I wasn't sure of and they always taste great (I
usually ask for a recommendation when I buy one).

Anyway, they are fantastic! The fresh ginger and swirls of cream are
amazing! It's like eating a frozen pumpkin pie with whipped cream on
top. Seriously delicious. I told the woman at the stand but wanted you
all to know-delicious!




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