Monday, November 4, 2013

people's pops: A Love Story

We sort of consider ourselves matchmakers here at people’s pops – when it comes to pops, we couple fruits with herbs and spices and marry them into delicious and dynamic flavors on the reg.  But when it comes to peoples, well…we tend to stick to the pops side of things. 

So when Sara Heaton emailed us about her upcoming wedding, we – the masters of all things icy – found our hearts melting as we read her story, and since she took the time to share her story with us, we’re taking the time to share her story with you. 

I am writing to share a story about how significant your popsicles have been in some recent events in my life.

Three summers ago I went on a first date with a guy named Justin. He suggested meeting at Chelsea Market, getting some artisanal popsicles (yours, of course) and enjoying them while walking on the Highline. Three years later, this guy is now my fiancé and, with the guidance of your amazing recipe book, we are making and consuming popsicles like crazy, trying to decide which one to make for our wedding guests on September 1st in New Hampshire.  That first date had been such a hit that we kept talking about re-doing it someday. We eventually did on May 5th of this year, and that's when Justin “popped” the question! It's hard to say whether or not the popsicles we had on that first date were directly responsible for the success of the date, but they certainly contributed and have stuck in my mind with significant importance. This summer, as we make practically every recipe in your book, we have been telling all our friends about your creative pops and will certainly also do so at the wedding when we serve them.

I just wanted to share this and say thanks for having all these cool ideas about popsicles and sharing them with us!

It’s pretty rad to know that our pops were there when two people came together for the first time, and were there again when they came together for the first time as husband and wife.  Pretty rad, indeed.

Thank you Sara and Justin for sharing your story with us!  We wish you all the best and hope this new chapter of your life is oh so sweet.

Who knows where the next love connection will happen...


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