Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Amsterdam Market, Here We Come!

Much to my surprise, we’re ready, and in the past 48 hours—this is a conservative estimate, now—the five of us have only aged on average ten years apiece. We have our freezer, rented from a cool old-school Italian-ice-vendor freezer manufacturer in Queens, Worksman Cycles; we’ve rented a van, to carry the freezer; we laid chalkboard paint on plywood to make signs with; we ironed names onto our t-shirts; we have business cards and hats and dry ice and 75 pounds of wet ice and 300 pops and a few gallons of lemon-basil syrup and g*ddamn it we’re still alive.

Game time!!


“Strawberries and Cream”


“Blue Velvet” (blueberries, yogurt and honey)

Shave Ice:
Lemon and Basil
Cherry and Cocoa (interesting)

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