Friday, June 27, 2008

Trials & Icy Tribulations

The People’s Pops hasn’t seen much action, but it’s time to mobilize if this is going to happen. In hotel rooms (I’ve been traveling all month) my two preliminary trials have yielded totally mediocre results: rock-hard pops, bland, with the julienned mint I’d added for flavor and aesthetics giving the effect of finding pieces of dental floss in your sorbet. It is now clear why gums and stabilizers enjoy such a privileged position in commercial pops. What are the chances there’s a stall at the ass end of the Greenmarket that’ll sell me some…?

OF COURSE, because luck is just soooo on our side, none of the fruits for sale at the end of June are ones any of us have experimented with (my friends Lucy and Ben and David and Joel have joined the effort at this point, and thank God, because now there’s five of us going insane instead of just me). We bought cherries, which Ben spent hours pitting, only to discover once we’d thrown them in the blender that we’d bruised their beautiful red into a bloody, muddy, ugly brown. Sieving blueberries of their seeds and skin, we now know, leaves you with basically nothing. And organic lemons at Whole Foods cost a f*cking dollar apiece.

What a sh*tshow.

Love, NJ

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