Monday, June 30, 2008

New Amsterdam Market: HUGE Success!

What an amazing day! New York came out in droves to support the market, and Peck Slip rang with the crack of fresh sourdough and the slosh of pickles in their jars and cheese bubbling on hot grills and oysters gasping for breath, and people hawking, licking their fingers, and the ringing of cash, cash, kizz-aaash.

And, of course, the buzz of a shaver rolling over ice, the slurp of syrup sliding down the inside of a Dixie cup, and the clack a borrowed freezer makes when it opens and closes about 300 times.

By 2 pm, the people had spoken. We were sold out. I don’t know who found the bottle of bubbly, but by the time the rain came, it was drained. After about two seconds of packing up, we were off to the bar for as much beer as our massive stack of ones would buy. Thank you, New York!

Also, it seemed the press was as excited about us as our customers were! Check out these lovely reviews about us below:

New York Magazine:


Serious Eats (No review, but a pretty swank photo!):

What I Made For Dinner:

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